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WHO Summer School 2008

WHO Summer School 2008 - How to develop Best Evidence-based Practice for Health Promotion

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Task Forces/GB

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Each Task Force has a forum for discussion and exchange and distribution of information and documents. The Task Force Forum also offer every member the oppurtunity to contact all Task Force Members by email. The Task Forces of the International HPH Network today are: Health Promoting Psychiatric Services, Task Force Leader Hartmut Berger Migrant Friendly Hospitals, Task Force Leader Antonio Chiarenza Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents in Hospitals, Task Force Leader Fabrizio Simonelli In addition to the Task Forces the HPH Network also include Working Groups at operational level. In 2007 there are Working Groups on Patient Safety and on HPH Contributions. The Governance Board is composed of 3 permanent members and 9 members elected by the General Assembly. The members are elected to Governance Board for a period of two years. Next election will be at the General Assembly in Berlin 2008. The present members of the Governance Board are: Ann O'Riordan, Ireland (chair) Oliver Gröne, WHO Barcelona Office Hanne Tønnesen, WHO CC Copenhagen Jürgen Pelikan, WHO CC Vienna Christina Dietscher, Austria Nils Undritz, Switzerland Margareta Kristenson, Sweden Yannis Tountas, Greece Carlo Favaretti, Italy Zora Bruchacova, Slovakia Irene Misiviciené, Lithuania Elimar Brandt, Germany Please contact the HPH Secretariat, should you have any questions or comments.

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