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December 7th - 11th 2009:
WHO Winter School 2009
(Taipei City, Taiwan)

Read more here!

April 14th to 16th 2010:
HPH Conference 2010
(Manchester, UK)

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April 12th to 14th 2010:
WHO-HPH Summer School 2010
(Manchester, UK)

More info and registration here!

April 17th 2010:
HPH Newcomer's Workshop 2010
(Manchester, UK)

More info and registration here!

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HPH Toolbox

A revised version of the HPH Online Toolbox is now online.

The Toolbox contains the most essential HPH documents and information for your quick reference and download.

The Toolbox can be found in the grey bar in the top right part of your screen, or by clicking here

WHO-CC for Evidence Based Health Promotion in Hospitals
Clinical Unit of Health Promotion
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