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April 14th to 16th 2010:
HPH Conference 2010
(Manchester, UK)

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April 12th to 14th 2010:
WHO Summer School 2010
(Manchester, UK)

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HPH Newcomer's Workshop in Crete 2009 - slides now online!

The HPH Newcomer's Workshop that took place in Crete, Greece on the 9th of May 2009 turned out to be a great event - rounding off the week nicely. It had an intimate small-group format - allowing participants to get just that extra insight into the HPH Network, its structure and background. As always, the Workshop targeted those that are new to the HPH world and aimed to provide them with a overview of the Network, how it works, how decisions are made and carried out, what the background documents (such as the HPH Constitution but also WHO documents such as the Vienna Recommendations) contain, whom to contact and so forth.

The participants this year were a diverse group. We had some from Singapore, England, Norway and Finland with very different fields of expertise and work.

This year Felix Bruder from the German HPH Network and Dr. Virpi Honkala from the Finnish HPH Network as well as Staff from the International Secretariat undertook the task of conducting the workshop. The attendees could thus listen to concrete and hands-on experiences from both Germany, Finland and the International Network - and this inspired a lively and fruitful discussion, which all in all made for an inspiring workshop.

For those who want to refresh their memory of the workshop (or those that did not go, but are interested in going in future) the slides from the presentations at the Newcomers Workshop in Crete 2009 are now online also:

An Introduction to the International HPH Network / Jeff Svane

The Vienna Recommendations / Virpi Honkala

The HPH Network - Concepts for HP Orientation in Hospitals & Health Services / Felix Bruder

The HPH Exchange Program /Virpi Honkala

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