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May 30, 2011:
HPH Newcomers' Workshop
(Turku, Finland)

More info coming soon!

May 30 - 31, 2011:
WHO-HPH Summer School
(Turku, Finland)

More info coming soon!

June 1 - 3, 2011:
HPH Conference 2011
(Turku, Finland)

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On this page, you will find important news from national/regional coordinators and HPH members, from the HPH Secretariat, meetings (Governance Board, General Assembly, Task Forces etc.) and information and minutes from conferences, theme days, workshops etc. You are most welcome to submit news from your area by sending a mail to the HPH Secretariat (mail to: [email protected])

2010 International Conference on Age-Friendly Health Care in Taiwan
Meeting report from the HPH Governance Board, April 2010 - now avaliable for download
Meeting report from the HPH General Assembly, April 2010 - now avaliable for download
Meeting Minutes: The 8th meeting of the HPH-CA Task Force
Persian Translation of Health Promotion in Hospitals: Evidence and quality Management
Guide for Integrating Health Promotion into Clinical Practice
Presentations from the WHO HPH Summer School 2010 in Manchester are now online for download
HPH Toolbox
Agenda for HPH General Assembly 2010 - now online!
Videos and presentations from the 2009 Montreal Conference on Healthy Workplaces - now online!
The Final Report on the implementation process of the Self-evaluation Model and Tool on the Respect of Children’s Rights in Hospital - now online!
WHO-HPH Winter School in Taiwan - Report now online!
12 Hospitals from Thailand join HPH!
Invitation to participate in research project: HPH — A prescription for building institutional trust?
Montreal Conference on Healthy Workplaces
Registration for WHO-HPH School in Taiwan - now online!
Official HPH logos now available for download
ENSH's Gold Award Process is now open
New HPH Hospital in Korea declares it's strong commitment to Health Promotion!
Self-evaluation Model and Tool on the Respect of Children’s Rights in Hospital - Now in 8 Languages!
New HPH Member-meter!
New Secretary at the International HPH Secretariat
WHO Winter School 2009 in Taiwan
WHO addresses climate change in health care settings
Margrete Ripa leaves HPH Secretariat after 5 years
President attends Taiwanese HPH Conference
Update from HPH-CA Task Force: Self-evaluation on the respect of children's rights in hospitals
Secretariat closed for the summer
Scandin-Alc expert workshop and course (May 2009, Stavanger, Norway)
HPH General Assembly 2009 in Crete
HPH Newcomer's Workshop in Crete 2009 - slides now online!
WHO Summer School 2009 - presentations now online!
The third issue of the regional newsletter "Destination Health Montreal" now online!
Update Report 2007-2008: Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services network in Northern Ireland
WHO Summer School 2009 - Program now online!
Canadian HPH Hospital, Bridgepoint Health, receives award for public sector leadership and innovation.
Planetree's First International Patient & Employee Centred Care Conference
Self-evaluation model and tool: The respect for Children's Rights in Hospitals
The Advisory Board of the MFCCH Task Force meets
Taiwan welcomes visiting HPH Staff!
WHO Winter School 2009 - read newspaper articles.
Governance Board November 7th Meeting Report - Now online!
WHO Winter School 2009 - now open for registration!
An additional employee at The International HPH Secretariat
New HPH Members in Saudi Arabia and Japan!
HPH-CA Task Force has held its 6th workshop
WHO Autumn School 08 - Resources and more now online!
Evidence-Based Health Promotion in Clinical Settings
A short feature by Susan Himel from Bridgepoint Health in Toronto, Canada.
Goodbye to our previous Technical Officer
A warm goodbye to the International HPH Secretariat's previous Technical Officer, Majbritt Linneberg.
New Technical Officer at the International HPH Secretariat
The International HPH Secretariat at Bispebjerg University Hospital has a new Technical Officer, so please update your contact list and phonebook!
New Observatory from TF on HP for Children and Adolescents
HPH meeting reports now available online
2nd annual HPH Conference in Taiwan
Task Force MFCCH meeting in November, 2008
HPH Newsletter #32 now available online
Minutes of HPH-CA meeting in Berlin now available online
Canada-Toronto focus on HP and HPH
New HPH Task Force: Tobacco Free United
New info HPH brochure - now available online
WHO Summer School - evaluation
HPH Newsletter 31 - now available online
Welcome to new HPH Networks
8th IUHPE in Turin, Italy
Task Force MFCCH releases new website
TF Children and Adolescents - meeting in Athens
WHO Summer School 2008
MFCCH next meeting in Reggio Emilia
MFCCH Brighton: Meeting Minutes available online
HPH-CA Workshop: Draft program available online
HPH Newsletter 30 now available online
MFCCH Meeting: ppt presentations for download
Welcome to new HPH Coordinator in Norway
The Danish HPH Network closes down
Annual meeting of the Swiss HPH Network and Migrant-friendly Hospitals and Health Services
Governance Board Meeting
MFCCH Meeting - Final Agenda
New link to Task Force HPH-CA
HPH Task Force on Migrant Friendly Hospitals - Meeting in Brighton
HPH Newsletter 29 now available online
HPH Task Force on Quality based reimbursement publishes study results
Swiss HPH Network Poll
74 % ask for health consultation - new poll from the Swiss HPH Network
1st HPH Conference in Taiwan
HPH Constitution
Better food for patients - new report from the Danish National Board of Health
HPH Network presented at International Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education
Gastein Award
Meeting Report from TF on Children and Adolescents
HPH Task Force supports International Conference on Psychiatry
ESBRA 2007
Norwegian winner of the HPH Website Quiz!
New HPH member hospitals in Spain
Two new member hospitals in Sweden
New publication on HPH
New HPH Network Coordinator in Scotland
New HPH member hospital in Serbia
New HPH member hospital in Australia
New working group on Patient Safety
Manual and self-assessment forms - now in French translation
Berlin-Half-Marathon 2007
WHO CC Copenhagen: Annual Report 2006
5th Meeting in HPH Steering Committee
4th WORKSHOP of HPH CA - Minutes
New Regional HPH Network in Taiwan
Pre-conference on Psychiatrick Health Care Services
International HPH Conference 2007
4th Meeting in the HPH Steering Committee
2. International Seminar on EFQUEL in Florence
Children and adolescents, November 20-21
Re-opening of HPH website in Sept 2006
“Five years of activity of HPH hospitals: results and perspectives”
Workshop of the HPH Network of the Lombardia Region, October 2006
Program, 11th Swedish national HPH conference
Health service as driving force in the work of health promotion
The 11th Swedish HPH conference was held in Malmo on 25th – 27th october 2006
New member hospital in Taiwan
HPH Secretariat closed in August
Next meeting in TF on Migrant Friendly Hospitals
UK - Corporate Citizenship
EU award to the German Network for Smoke Free Hospitals
Austria: HPH Conference in October
3rd All Ireland Conference on HPH
Conference on Health Promotion in Florence
WHO Winter School 2009 - read newspaper articles.
certs hand out
certs hand out
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lecture 1
group photo
Sunny Crete
Sunny Crete
HPH CA Latest developments
strategy group 2
matt strategy work
korea amc
Margrete Ripa leaves HPH Secretariat after 5 years
WHO Summer School 2009
4th WORKSHOP of HPH CA - Minutes

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