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May 30, 2011:
HPH Newcomers' Workshop
(Turku, Finland)

More info coming soon!

May 30 - 31, 2011:
WHO-HPH Summer School
(Turku, Finland)

More info coming soon!

June 1 - 3, 2011:
HPH Conference 2011
(Turku, Finland)

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The International HPH Network includes two levels of membership and two different groups on operational level.

The national/regional HPH Networks constitute the corporate members of the network. They are represented by their Network Coordinator and they are entitled to vote in the HPH General Assembly.

Member hospitals and health services in countries/regions, where no network has yet been established, can join the International HPH Network as individual members.

The HPH General Assembly meets annually, and here Task Forces are appointed in specific areas of special interest. Working Groups can be appointed by the Governance Board, these may proceed the Task Forces.

WHO-CC for Evidence Based Health Promotion in Hospitals
Clinical Unit of Health Promotion
Bispebjerg Hospital
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark
Phone: +45 3531 6789
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