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April 14th to 16th 2010:
HPH Conference 2010
(Manchester, UK)

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April 12th to 14th 2010:
WHO Summer School 2010
(Manchester, UK)

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How to join

Hospitals and Health Services can join the HPH Network as members of national/regional HPH Networks or as individual members, i.g. in countries where no HPH Network has been established. If interested in joining the HPH Network as an individual member, please contact the HPH Secretariat, all others should follow the Standard Procedure.

Standard Procedure

To join the HPH Network every hospital or health service shall sign the Letter of Intent and return this to the National/Regional HPH Coordinator.

For list of national / regional HPH Coordinators, please click here

After approval, the National/Regional Coordinator sends the Letter of Intent to the International HPH Secretariat, which will register the hospital/health service as member of the International HPH Network and register its contact information on the HPH website.

The International HPH Secretariat will send invoice to the National/Regional Coordinator for the new/extended member, and upon registration of payment the International HPH Secretariat will send a Welcome Letter together with the Membership Certificate to the National/Regional Coordinator for further distribution or directly to the hospital/health service.

The annual membership fee  is 250 Euro for each hospital/health service. The fee can be reduced for Eastern European members to 100 Euro and for new EU states to 150 Euro.

To form a new National / Regional HPH Network, please contact the International HPH Secretariat and download the standard HPH Network Agreement for inspiration here

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