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WHO Summer School 2007, Vienna

Evidence-based Health Promotion – Hands on!

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General information

This module gives important news from the HPH Network, including links to new reports, upcoming HPH meetings, and much more. If you have news for the HPH Network, please contact the HPH Secretariat using the Email below.
How to join
Please, use the online application for members concerning access to restricted areas, and for hospitals concerning new or extended membership.
Discussion Forums
Participate in the current discussion by choosing a relevant thread. Task Forces and other working groups can have separate Group Rooms for discussions and documents, open for the group members, only.
Online HPH Library
This module gives information about national and international electronic books, booklets, screening instruments and other tools from the HPH Network. You will find a short introduction for all material in English.
Please, contact the Secretariat if you have HPH material for the Library.
National / Regional Coordinators and member hospitals
An updated list will be public here
Reporting HP Standards - Quality Management
Hospital Coordinators, exclusively, can report online and follow-up their self-assessment of Standards and Indicators for Health Promotion in Hospitals. All members can follow the reports choosing Standards.
Reporting HP and DRG (to be opened in December 2006)
Online reporting of the use of the codes for patient related Health Promotion in Hospitals, for members exclusively.

WHO-CC for Evidence Based Health Promotion in Hospitals
Clinical Unit of Health Promotion
Bispebjerg Hospital
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark
Phone: +45 3531 6789
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